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KORLOY strives to become the most competitive company
in the world to share happiness with people in the world.
ESG (Corporate Sustainability Management)
KORLOY is committed to ESG management for a better future.
KORLOY will contribute to the advancement of related industries, create employment, and fulfill its role and responsibility in contributing to the development of the country and local communities by continuously providing ESG management products and services in the cemented carbide cutting tool industry for the creation of economic, social, and environmental value in human life.
본 웹사이트에 게시된 이메일 주소가 전자우편 수집 프로그램이나
그 밖의 기술적 장치를 이용한 무단으로 수집되는 것을 거부하며,
이를 위반 시 정보통신망법에 의해 형사처벌 됨을 유념하시기 바랍니다.
게시일 : 2018년 2월 26일