KORLOY strives to become the most competitive company
in the world to share happiness with people in the world.
Everyday we pursue another originality for the future.
Everyday we pursue more originality for the future. Built on creativity, originality is the driving force for our sustainability, growth and development. The originality we pursue begins with creating innovative technology and new values, not just correcting or improving existing ones. It is our true mission and is embedded in every aspects of our products, service and management. We believe it will lead us to customer satisfaction as well as our employee's happiness.
KORLOY’S Principles and Philosophy
Contribution to Society
KORLOY contributes to society and improves the world by manufacturing needed products, creating job opportunities and taking responsibility for what we do.
Happiness First
KORLOY puts the happiness of our customers and employees ahead of everything and achieves both by raising the competitiveness in the world market.
KORLOY’S Mission
A n o t h e r O r i g i n a l i t y
Everyday we pursue another
originality for the future.
Core Values
Originality Differentiated
Originality Differentiated
Provide differentiated products and services with continuous passion and trailblazer mentality.
Innovation without Restriction
Innovation without Restriction
Pursue and innovate new ideas with open-mind.
Respect for Talent Diversity
Respect for Talent Diversity
Recognize and respect differences.
Collaborate through communication
Collaborate through communication
Cooperate with communication based on trust.
Customer value Oriented
Customer value Oriented
Customer growth is our growth.
Corporate Sustainability
ISO 14001
Environmental Management Systems
AS 9100D / ISO 9001
Quality Management System
for the Aerospace Industry
Occupational health
and safety management systems
Safety & Health Policy
Make Safety & Health Policy the priority!
Based on the "Happiness First" management philosophy KORLOY is implementing the following safety and health policies to realize safe workplaces and promote the health of our members.
  • 01

    Establish an autonomous safety and health management system with safety and health as the top priority in all business activities.

  • 02

    Create a healthy and safe working environment for employees by detecting, discovering, and improving potential risk factors in advance.

  • 03

    Through safety, health education, and training, the safety and health abilities of employees are continuously strengthened.

  • 04

    Follow the regulation and management policies of safety and health thoroughly.

All employees and partners shall comply with safety and health regulation and related business procedures. In addition, safety and health goals and detailed action agenda must be set and implemented annually to prevent industrial accidents, and the safety and health policies should be viewed or recognized by all employees.
Community Involvement
KORLOY is dedicated to supporting the community.
We hope that kindness and compassion would prevail to make a happy society where we all live together.
Charity Events
- Charitable campaign for people in need, by the company and all employees.
- KORLOY's executives periodically make donations to the Youth Together Special
Education Center.
Voluntary Service for
- Youth Together
- Saint Vincentio’s house (a sanatorium)
- Child-headed families
- Low income and elderly people in need
- Multicultural families
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