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KORLOY strives to become the most competitive company
in the world to share happiness with people in the world.
ESG (Corporate Sustainability Management)
KORLOY is committed to ESG management for a better future.
KORLOY will contribute to the advancement of related industries, create employment, and fulfill its role and responsibility in contributing to the development of the country and local communities by continuously providing ESG management products and services in the cemented carbide cutting tool industry for the creation of economic, social, and environmental value in human life.


We will conduct active corporate management with an efficient department structure with independence and diversity,
and provide continuous value for companies and society through professional management.

Norm of ethics

KORLOY establishes ethical norms as the criteria for correct behavior and value judgment
that members should follow, establishes guidelines for ethical norms, and presents specific standards together.

  • Basic ethics of members As a member of the company,
    we take pride in performing our duties faithfully in the attitude of always representing the company in our position.
  • Attitude toward for customers By continuously satisfying customers, we gain trust from customers and ultimately develop with them.
  • Responsibility for cooperator Increase the value of enterprises and conduct efficient management for co-prosperity with cooperator.
  • Role toward the society It not only contributes to economic development but also grows with society through social value creation.
Ethics Guidelines

Provides criteria for making decisions and how to react to ethical dilemma situations while working

  • Accepting Bribes
  • Treat and Pass-along
  • Request
  • Performance of One’s duties
  • Information Utilization
  • Basic Ethics
  • Others
Shortcut to Details
Ombudsperson system
Ombudsperson system
Code of ethics
  • 01
    Compliance with the laws and regulations of the respective country
  • 02
    All Activities and relationships of KORLOY that are honest, fair, and trustworthy
  • 03
    Creating an environment where fair employment practices apply to all KORLOY employees
  • 04
    Creating a safe working environment and making efforts for environmental protection
  • 05
    Exercising leadership to establish an advanced corporate culture that all employees recognize, value, and take as a model for ethical behavior
KORLOY Ethics Management Counsel report
KORLOY Ethics Management Counsel report
E-mail : goh@korloy.com
Adress : Holystar B/D, 326, Seocho-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, 06633, Republic of Korea
Management Support Team Leader
The whistle-blower protection policy
  • The identity of the informant and the contents of the report are kept strictly confidential so that they are not disclosed against their will.
  • The informant is not subject to any disadvantage or discrimination in status due to the reason for the legitimate informant.
  • Those who cooperated in the investigation by making statements or providing data in the process of confirming the facts of the report are also protected the same as the informant.
  • Violations of the "Informant Protection Policy" such as searching for informants, retaliation, and leakage of informants are strictly prohibited.
  • If the informant is disadvantaged by the report, he/she may request the ethics management department to correct and protect it,
    and the ethics management department will take all measures to minimize the disadvantages.
Stakeholder communication

KORLOY has happiness management as its management philosophy, and we want to define customers, members, investors, partners,
and communities as major stakeholders and communicate in various ways.

  • Customer
    Customer satisfaction survey
    Homepage FAQ
    Customer counseling(ARS) : permanent
    Technical course : permanent
    Stakeholder survey(Planned)
  • Member
    Stakeholder survey(system)
    Evaluation, coaching program(regular)
    Joint labor-management conference(quarter)
    Open-i(once a year)
    Stakeholder survey expansion(planned)
  • Investor
    Shareholders meeting(regular)
    board of directors(monthly)
  • Cooperator
    Purchasing, Ordering system(KPOS)
    Accompanying/coexistence and growth(O/S regular meeting)
    Cooperator individual visit(permanent)
    Cooperator regular meeting(halfly)
  • Communities
    Supporting Youth
    Together activities
    Charity Fundraising
    (powered by Community Chest Of Korea)
    - Coworking with Local Government
    - Religious organizations
    - Scholarships
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