Our precise and durable carbide cutting tools are just
what you’ve wanted for an innovative tooling solution.
MK · RK Chip Breaker
• Turning solution for cast iron

• Advanced turning solution for cast iron under high speed, high feed, and interrupted cutting conditions

• CVD coated inserts with increased resistance to wear and chipping

• Solutions for most common issues in cast iron machining
- Preventing excessive wear on rake and flank surfaces of insert, chipping and burr creation


MK · RK Chip Breaker


MK chip breaker improves cutting performance and reduces cutting load during cast iron machining, leading to higher wear resistance and quality surface finish at high speed and continuous cutting. A wide supporting area was designed for solving unexpected tool breakage and edge chipping due to vibrations during machining, improving stability.

RK chip breaker features wide lands and supporting area that provide excellent toughness and fracture resistance under high cutting force such as high depth of cuts or high interruption. Its land was engineered to optimize edge toughness and cutting performance, and achieve stable tool life and higher chipping resistance for high feed applications.


ㆍMinimized quality deviation
- Stable tool life

ㆍOptimized blade design
- Improved surface finish

ㆍGood combination of a grade and chip breakers
- Extended tool life and enhanced cutting performance

ㆍWide availability to various cast iron components
→ Universal use responding to workpiece change

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