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5 types of Endmill for Composite Material - KORLOY CFRP/GFRP exclusive Endmill




Composite Material is the one with advanced character by mixing up two or more different materials.
There are CFRP, which is based on Carbon fiber & Resin, and GFRP, which is based on Glass fiber & resin, as representative ones with features such as light weight, superior mechanical characteristic, fine anti-corrosion, and excellent fatigue resistance.


To machine these Composite materials, it would occur a lot of scattering type of chips which is not similar to general metal machining. As reinforced fiber has high-hardness & less heat conductivity features, there is sever heat occurred and it accelerates wear at tool rapidly. The materials' high elastic modulus & uneven characteristic of mixed sources would also cause severe vibration, and their structural element would generate processing defect such as flaking, breakage, and Burr.


Be prepared with Diamond coating
To solve above mentioned typical symptoms for machining Composite Materials,  KORLOY suggests its exclusive solution; Nano Crystalline Diamond (NCD) coating. NCD coating, which is harder than Hv 8,000, is high hardness Nano Diamond coating that helps to minimize tool's wear and prevents processing defect by ensuring edge part's machinability with enhanced tool life. Improved adherence between substrate and coating layer is another key of KORLOY's exclusive coating technology to solve Diamond coating's flaking issue, too. Optimized edge structure implemented on the Enmaill also ensures less cutting load and minimizes flaking & Burr.


Exclusive Endmill for Composite Material
Kwanghyun Kang, Senior researcher of KHME department of KORLOY, mentioned that,
"To machine Composite material, rapid wear on tool and poor surface roughness on workpiece are common issues due to the materials' characteristic. As it is hard to deal with typical tools on those materials, it is necessary to prepare specialized tool and special processing solution. It is expected to have more application of Composite material on high tech industry such as Aerospace and more demand on exclusive tool to machine them. The thinking was the beginning of new product line up's development."


We, KORLOY, hereby introduce five types of Router Endmill with NCD coating to deal with Composie material processing. CCDR is a dual helix type endmill can be applied to profiling and grooving with its fine design for compressed cutting that minimizes surface exploitation on both upper and bottom section of a workpiece. CCR is a roughing endmill implemented Down cut edge design for low cutting load & less vibration, and it targets profiling, grooving and slotting of thin board. CCHT has been applied Multi Flute & Nick to improve its edge strength, and it is available to Hand-tool & CNC machine for high efficient roughing application. CCLR & CCRR are precise cut type endmill with low helix, and they minimize the torn-out of fiber & Burr on the workpiece's surface with low cutting load at its axial direction.



Cutting force is generated towards to middle of workpiece so it minimizes burr at upper and bottom section of workpieces. Upon the direction of a cutting edge, the upper edge cuts the workpiece to downwards, and the bottom edge cuts the workpiece to upwards.



Diamond cut edge design shortens the length of edges where the actual cutting is made, and it lowers cutting load & prevents processing defect. 
Down cut edge shape also helps clamping force as it enhances cutting force downwards.



With implementation of Multi Flute & Nick design to improve its edge strength and it ensures high efficient roughing. Applied low helix angle also helps to prevent burr at the upper section of workpieces.



Multi flute (6F, 8F) enables to process high efficient precise machining.
Down cut edge shape also helps clamping force as it enhances cutting force downwards.



1. Minimizes cutting force towards axial direction with low helix angle to prevent burr generateing, but maximizes its cutting force towards its cutting direction.  2. Thick core web shape enhances a tool's strength and minimizes vibration.




[Source] MFG : A magazine for manufacturing

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