Our precise and durable carbide cutting tools are just
what you’ve wanted for an innovative tooling solution.
A+ Endmill
• Endmills for rough, medium to finish cutting of aluminum

• Optimized Solutions for Each Application Type
- A wide selection of tools provided for various machining processes

• Higher Machining Efficiency
- Advanced flute design and cutting edge technology applied

A+ Endmill


Aluminum, which is a non-ferrous metal, is softer and easier to cut compared to other metals. However, in case there is a failure to evacuate chips melted at high speeds properly, it can cause severe problems.
A+ Endmill features state-of-the-art sharp cutting edges and mirror-like flute surface to reduce cutting load and facilitate smooth chip evacuation.


APFE effectively evacuates chips even at high feeds using U-shaped flutes. The buffed flute surface inhibits build-up edges caused by molten chips. In addition, double relief angles improve productivity by enhancing edge rigidity while the sharp edges enable perfect cutting performance even in finishing. APFE also offers a variety of shapes including balls and flat type to expand the range of applicable workpieces.


AFE is a flat endmill that is more economical than other products. The sharp cutting edges and mirror-like flutes not only enable efficient machining but also meet the customer needs, supported by the wide line up.


RPAE is Endmill optimized for rough milling applications. The blade design of wave form breaks chips down into smaller pieces and lowers cutting force. This also reduces loads over equipment and helps to maximize productivity.


With this wide selection of tools ideally suited for many different machining types, A+ Endmill is the solution you’ve looked for in aluminum machining.


ㆍSharp cutting edges optimized for aluminum
- Lower cutting force
- Improved surface finish

ㆍMirror-like flute surface
- Maximized chip evacuation
- Reduced chip welding

ㆍA wide selection of line up
- Various product shapes including balls and flat type
- Ideal for high feeds, roughing, medium cutting, and finishing

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