Our precise and durable carbide cutting tools are just
what you’ve wanted for an innovative tooling solution.
• The specialized grade for multi-purpose milling applications of cast iron

• High Speed and Feed Capability for Higher Productivity

• Excellent Surface Finish
- Specially prepared surface provides mirror-like finish on workpieces

• Stable Tool Life
- PVD coating optimized for cast iron minimizes life deviation



Cast iron is characterized by heavy chip breaking during milling. Wear is more rapid on the relief surface where the contact time with the workpiece is relatively long while the cutting load on the flank surface is low. In addition, graphite contained in cast iron causes a lot of dust curing cutting. To prevent dust, the machining process is mainly done wet, however, there are still chances of thermal cracking on cutting edges due to the thermal impact of the cutting fluids to the inserts. Melted and compressed chips on the surface of inserts create uneven chipping, making the tool life unstable.


Now KORLOY offers a new milling grade to provide more stable machining for cast iron.


The NEW PC6510 has PVD coating optimized for multi-purpose machining of cast iron, which also can be used to inhibit heat cracks. Special surface treatment also prevents chips from melting or compressing onto inserts, providing mirror-like surface finish and stable tool life.


ㆍSpecial surface treatment
- Stable tool life due to inhibited formation of build-up edges

ㆍ Excellent machinability
- Mirror-like surface finish achieved from cast-iron-only coatings

ㆍUniversal grade for cast iron
- A range of applications available

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