Our precise and durable carbide cutting tools are just
what you’ve wanted for an innovative tooling solution.
• High Feed Milling Tool of Double Sided 6 Corner Insert

• High feed / High efficiency machining
- Increase productivity through improved insert shape and size, high feed per tooth, and many cutting edges, for small diameter machining.

• High speed / High hardness machining
- Stable tool life through the combination of the reinforced toughness on corner and suitable grades of high hardness in the area of high speed and high hardness.




The need for high feed tooling has grown while the materials of molds tend to be harder. Small size tooling is required for the electronic parts and mold manufacturers to achieve high productivity.


However, increasing productivity has been restricted due to the absence of small size high feed tools for high hardness steel.


HFM extends the range of process to small diameter, improving productivity with more number of teeth, compared to HRM(D).


High Helix angle on the cutting edge reduces cutting resistance, while the negative axial rake angle of holder reduces the contact surface on workpiece, reducing wear and vibration and increasing stability. Improved grades ensure stable tool life. Ultrafine grain substrate and specialized coating layer highly improve anti-chipping and anti-wear.


ㆍSmall diameter
- Extension of the range of cutting process
- More number of teeth brings high productivity

ㆍOptimum shape of cutting edge
- Helix angle on cutting edge lessen cutting resistance and enable high feed process

ㆍReinforced cutting edge
- Anti-chipping make cutting hard material easier

ㆍVarious mixture of grade
- Suitable for P, M, K, S, H
- Improved anti-chipping and anti-wear


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