Our precise and durable carbide cutting tools are just
what you’ve wanted for an innovative tooling solution.
CC1500 · CC2500
• Cermet solution for high speed steel turning

• The next generation coated cermet with higher wear and chipping resistance in high speed machinin

• High resistance to welding and oxidation
- Improved welding and oxidation resistance due to a reaction inhibiting coating film

• Excellent surface finish
- Preventing chemical reactions between inserts and object materials decreases surface roughness.


CC1500 · CC2500


CC1500, the new P15 coated cermet grade, was engineered to provide improved stability in continuous turning applications at high speeds and low depths of cut. Wear resistance has been significantly improved and crater wear(Kt) on the rake surface of insert is largely prevented in the continuous machining of carbon steel and alloy steel. Its highly lubricative coating layer shows excellent wear resistance and extended tool life.


To expand on the excellent performance of CC1500 at high speed and continuous cutting of a wide range of steels, CC2500 was developed for machining forged steels and sintered ferrous alloy at high feed and interrupted cutting.


CC2500, the new P25 coated cermet grade has a specially sintered uniformed micro grain matrix to improve stability even in the toughest machining conditions, like heavy interruptions, high feed or severe vibrations. A lubricative multi-layer coating results in largely prolonged tool
life due to excellent wear resistance and toughness.


The next generation cermet series CC1500 / CC2500 will consistently produce successful result without compromise.


ㆍ Minimum tolerance
- Stable tool life

ㆍOptimal cutting edge design
- Excellent surface finish

ㆍGood balance of grade and chip breaker
- Successful in terms of geometric accuracy and tool life

ㆍApplicable to carbon steel, alloy steel, bearing steel, sintered ferrous alloy, etc.
- Comprehensive range covering various workpiece materials

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