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[TPDB-H] Launch of Top solid indexable drill for machining holes for steel structures (H-beam, Steel plate)


KORLOY INC. newly released TPDB-H which is a Top solid drill to machine holes at steel structures such as H-beam and steel plates. 


Shaped steels are used for every type of constuction including hotel, hospital, factory, office, and brdige so demand on it is consistantly existing. Meanwhile shaped steels have features that its shape varies in numerous methods upon necessity, and such a complexity in forms causes heavy cutting load and more vibration once it gets machined.


With its exclusive double R point edge design, TPDB-H's insert obatined better centering at machining holes, and achives fine workpiece quatlity even in harsh condition as it lessens cutting load. By implementing high hardness lubricative multi layered PVD coating with improved after treatment technique enhanced chip evacuation and minimizes wear on both rake and relief face so these would afford better tool life. 


TPBD-H holder improves machining stability and tool life by adapting high angle helix flutes to prevent chattering and sudden brakage due to chip clogging while machining thick-shaped workpiece's holes. At the same time, newly settled '4 holes cooling system' intensively sprays coolant oil towards tool's heavy loaded parts, and it also devotes to enhance tool life.


KORLOY's TPFB-H would be a solution in next generation for the hole machining market in steel structures.

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게시일 : 2018년 2월 26일