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[Tangen-Pro TP2P] Tangential shoulder milling tool with 2-corner use


KORLOY has launched a new milling tool, the Tangen-Pro TP2P with the advanced tangential clamping system.  


TP2P attains excellent clamping stability, by using the new clamping system, wide seat areas, and wedge-shaped inserts. It shows high performance even under harsh cutting conditions like 0.3~0.5mm/tooth, which can incredibly boost productivity.  

The TP2P high precision edge shape leads to excellent perpendicularity and surface finish in shouldering and facing. Additionally, the tangential-type clamping system facilitates secure chip pockets and enables multiple-corner use for increased productivity. 

Now cutting resistance is over 15% lower than the existing tools thanks to its proprietary insert design of high rake angle chip breakers over 35°, and sharp blades of 11°.  

TP2P is equipped with a grade lineup specializing in cast irons and steels. It is recommended to apply the PVD coated grade PC5300 in steel, ductile cast iron and general cutting, and PC6510 in gray cast iron. PC5400 performs its best in interrupted cutting or tough workpieces due to its high toughness substrate and lubricative coating layers.  

KORLOY's Tangen-Pro TP2P is one of the most advanced tangential type milling tools available to meet the customer demand for high quality products and excellent machinability.



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