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MFG Magazine, July Issue, HFMD, High Feed Milling with 4 corners


The HFMD was mentioned in Korea's top manufacturing technology magazine MFG issued in July.

HFMD, high feed milling cutter with 4 corners for small diameter machining, is available for various machining due to the increase of the line-up.

HFMD insert is a double sided 4 corner insert which is economical and enhances machining productivity by implementing more flutes per diameter. In addition, HFMD has achieved high speed/high feed machining with the high rake angle and helix design on its edge. These two features have significantly reduced cutting resistance compared to tools made by competitors or even against positive-type inserts.

Furthermore, HFMD provides excellent clamping stability by applying concave clamping system on the side, wider bottom face at the clamping area, and bigger sized screws. These will help minimize noise and vibration, prevent damage of insert with stable machining in high feed machining, and improve the surface finish of the workpiece.

As we can see in these advantages, KORLOY's HFMD is the next-generation high speed/high feed machining solution, one step ahead in the high efficiency machining trend.


You can read this article through the link below.

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