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MFG Magazine, April Issue, UNC805 and UNC840, CVD Ultra Coating Grade


The UNC805 and UNC840, CVD Ultra Coating Grade, were mentioned in Korea's top manufacturing technology magazine MFG issued in April.

The UNC grade has enhanced the resistance to chipping and breakage by utilizing super toughness grade in its design. It provides you with stable tool life by preventing sudden breakage when machining HRSA with the application of CVD-Ultra coating layer.
UNC805 is used in S05 turning grade actualizing excellent surface finish in high speed machining with superior wear resistance and optimized cutting edge.

UNC840 is for S40 milling having stronger WC-Co binding, and its wear resistance is also enhanced. Furthermore, the feed value of the cutting process can be applied 1.5 times higher than the existing products due to improved toughness. With these features, UNC840 can maximize productivity.

You can read the article through the below link.

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