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  • How to utilize a pilot hole in deep hole drilling?

    In deep hole drilling, compared to drilling with a long drill right away, drilling a pilot hole first is much more effective to improve machining stability and sustain a longer tool life.
    The diameter of the pilot hole drill should be slightly larger or equal to the long drill, and its drill tip angle should also be little more angled or equal to the long drill. The pilot hole depth should be less than 2.5D of the pilot drill diameter.

  • Can TPDB and TPDC be used in boring machining?

    We do not recommend using either of them in boring machining , because it may produce long chips which may lead to other problems.

  • Which product is recommend for Titanium machining?

    We recommend the KING-Drill LD Chipbreaker.
    Titanium machining creates a lot of heat which accelerates wear.
    A sharp cutting edge is ideal for titanium machining.

  • Is the TPDC head regrindable?

    Yes, you can regrind it 3 times at most, but if the edge or margin is overly damaged, it won't be regrindable.

  • What is the maximum runout for TPDC?

    We recommend you to use it within maximum 30um after assembling the holder and the insert in the machine.

  • Can TPDC be used for the interrupted cutting condition?

    Flat type of TPDC is available for the interrupted condition
    General TPDC can be processed depending on the shape of the workpiece, but we do not recommend them because there is a high risk of damage on the tool.

  • What kind of arbor or chuck is recommend?

    The most precise chuck is the Shrinking chuck, and there must be a separate heating machine when replacing tools.
    The following precise chuck is a hydraulic chuck and is generally used below Ø10 based on the shank diameter.
    The following is a collet chuck, the precision collet ensures tighter tolerance level than regular collet.
    We recommend Side Lock arbor for indexable drills such as King-Drill, TPDB, and TPDC types.

  • Which item is suitable for aluminium machining?

    Aluminum is a material that is easy to weld onto cutting edge, so sharp cutting edge helps prevent welding and improve tool life.
    KORLOY aluminum products include ND chipbreaker of KING-DRILL, TPDC-CN type, Mach Solid Drill Plus N type, Mach Long Drill Plus N type, PCD Drill, etc.

  • What are the criteria for the end of tool life for TPDC heads?

    In general, it depends on the customer's machining standards and machining environment.
    There are standards such as tolerance of internal diameter, straightness of internal hole, presence of chipping on inserts, damage to margin, and degree of wear, etc.

  • What are the criteria for short and long drills?

    There is no clear distinction, but products over 10D are generally referred to as long drills.

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