Our precise and durable carbide cutting tools are just
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AM Chip Breaker
• Positive turning insert for Aluminum cutting (medium cutting)

• Applying surface finish and toughness balanced cutting edge for general use (light interrupted cutting ~ continuous cutting)
• Stable machining and high productivity with good chip evacuation even in high feed speed cutting

AM Chip Breaker (Positive)


Aluminum is a type of light metal with high machinability but it is necessary to machine it with care because the material is vulnerable to welding and scratches. The usage of it keeps increasing with rising demands on light weight parts and enhanced accessibility of recycling.


KORLOY launches AM chip breaker minimizing welding, better chip evacuation and enhanced surface finish in Aluminum light interrupted cutting to continuous cutting.


The AM chip breaker with 2 step rake angle for protecting cutting edge increases cutting edge strength and surface finish. Its bridge structure for preventing chip jam makes good chip evacuation and surface finish.


AM chip breaker with good chip evacuation and enhanced surface finish in medium cutting is the best solution increasing productivity and efficiency in Aluminum part machining and non-ferrous metal cutting.


• Vast cutting range
- Wide cutting range from light interrupted cutting to continuous cutting

• Better welding resistance
- Sharp cutting edge and mirror-like finishing

• Good surface finish
- Enhanced chip evacuation by bridge design to prevent chip jam

• Stable tool life
- Improved cutting edge strength and good surface finish with 2 step rake angle

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