Our precise and durable carbide cutting tools are just
what you’ve wanted for an innovative tooling solution.
Hexa Blade
• Grooving and parting tool with precision 6 corners

• Grooving and parting tool with high economical 6 corners
• Increased reliability and stability in cutting due to high qualified cutting edge

Hexa Blade


KORLOY launched Hexa Blade for precision typed grooving and parting realizing high cost efficiency due to 6 corners.


The exclusive structured Hexa blade 6 corners insert provides stable cutting quality with equal clamping dimensions even with corner changes by applying precision manufacturing technology. In addition, bumped chip breaker provides good chip control in various cutting conditions.


The Hexa Blade holder ensures long tool life through wide clamping side and strong clamping system with 3-sided clamping. It also provides convenient cutting from easy clamping inserts with various cutting widths on one holder.


• High cost efficiency
- 6 cornered insert for grooving and parting

• Good chip control
- Increased chip control by bumped chip breaker

• Regular cutting quality
- Excellent corner dimension deviation management from precision manufacturing technology

• High cutting stability
- Strong clamping system from wide clamping side and 3-sided clamping

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