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Heavy Turning Inserts
• Chip breaker: HP, HL, HG, HV, HX / Grade: NC515H, NC520H, NC525H

• For various heavy turning as wind power, railway, power generation and shipbuilding industries, etc.
• Long tool life and good chip evacuation due to special designed chip breaker and optimal grade

Heavy Turning Inserts


Components used in Wind power generation, Railway, Power generation and Ship building have a huge machining diameter and high edge strength is required to deal with a frequent heavy interrupted sections. Good chip evacuation is also necessary for the chips generated by high temperature from high feed and overloaded cutting load.


KORLOY newly launched various chip breakers as HL, HP, HG, HV, HX for medium to roughing of huge workpieces and exclusive grades as NC515H, NC520H and NC525H for heavy turning.


Chip breakers for heavy turning provides long tool life and good surface finish due to strong cutting edge and enhanced chip evacuation with specially designed cutting edge and bump suitable for alloy steel and stainless steel cutting of various heavy components industries.


The new line-up of grades for heavy turning is NC515H (P15), NC520H (P20) and NC525H (P25).
NC515H (P15) provides good wear resistance, heat resistance and plastic deformation resistance in high speed continuous machining. NC520H (P20) is suitable for medium to high speed and low interrupted cutting due to good wear resistance and chipping resistance. NC525H (P25) is a universal grade with long tool life due to enhanced chipping resistance and toughness in medium to low speed and high interrupted cutting.


The combination of grades and chip breakers with good fracture resistance, heat resistance and high lubrication provides the best solution for high productivity and high efficient machining in heavy component cutting.


• Wind power, railway, power generation and shipbuilding parts machining
- Suitable chip breaker for various parts machining

• Better chip evacuation in various cutting conditions
- Special designed bump for various cutting conditions machining

• Optimal grade line-up for heavy cutting
- NC515H, NC520H and NC525H series

• Stable tool life in heavy turning with dry, high speed and high feed cutting conditions
- The combination of optimal substrate and heat resistance coating layer

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