Our precise and durable carbide cutting tools are just
what you’ve wanted for an innovative tooling solution.
• High helix face milling tool with 8-cornered double-side inserts

• High performance in stainless steel machining due to sharp cutting edge and double reverse positive relief surface structure
• Economic tool by double-sided 8 corners and high helix right-handed shape realizing high depth of cut machining


KORLOY launched face milling tool, RM8-X minimizing cutting load and enhancing stability in machining.


RM8-X with right-handed high helix cutting edge can cut smoothly in high depth of cut machining and its optimal minor cutting edge ensures good surface finish. Double reverse positive shaped relief surface prevents notch wear due to work hardening layer and the variable chip breaker is implemented for good surface finish and strong cutting edge. To minimize welding with this strong cutting edge, high helix cutting edge and sharp chip breaker is adopted so it could realize high cutting performance and stable machining. In addition, RM8-X achieved the cost effectiveness with the insert's double side shape ensures maximum 8 corners.


RM8-X enhances longer tool life by preventing fracture of cutting edge and increasing wear resistance with those figural features above and customized grade selection per the workpiece material.


• Good machinability
- High helix cutting edge and sharp chip breaker ensure excellent machinability and high speed and high feed machining.

• Stable tool life
- Reverse positive shaped relief surface structure and the application of strengthened screws realize stable machining.

• High surface finish
- Optimal-shaped minor cutting edge enhances high quality of machining.

• Economical tool
- Maximum 8 corners per the insert are available with its double sided shape.

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