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[TPDB-F] Launch of Top solid indexable drill for variously shaped workpieces' faces application


KORLOY has newly launched Top solid indexable drill that is appicable for variously shaped workpieces' faces including slope, curved surface, and etc.


There are steady demands on fine tools with excellent machinability for better machining efficiency, cost reduction and minimized cycle time in markets especially based on front industries including Automotive, Aerospace, and etc. As a response to these markets' demands, KORLOY launched TPDB-F which is applicable to variously shaped workpieces' faces, enhancing productivity, and achieving tool cost saving.


TPDB-F is available to various workpieces and applications such as sloping, curved surface, plunging, boring, and etc. Its exclusive edge design allows flat surface drilling so it is also proper item for pilot drilling. With implementation of super micro substrate, lubricative coating layer, and special surface treatment ensure stable machining and tool life.


As it simplified a number of tools in needs, it reduced both tool change time and Cycle time. TPDB-F is going to be the solution in next generation for whom needs economic feasibility.

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게시일 : 2018년 2월 26일