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A Chairlady Hyesub, Yun and a president Junghyun, Yim donated about 10,000 USD to an assosication called


A chairlady Hyesub, Yun made a donation to prevent expansion of Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19). 

On 2nd March, she endowed about 10,000 USD to an association named "Community Chest of Korea (Daegu) " to help prompt restoration of Daegu and Gyeong-buk area where the virus has been spreading rampantly.

Subsequently, additional 10,000 USD contribution has been made by a president Junghyun, Yim and all employees of KORLOY Inc.

This is the second time for helping since KORLOY Inc. generously contributed funds for Wuhan, China to Cheongju Chamber of Commerce & Industry which has been cooperated with it each other for mutual improvement for a long time. Meanwhile, this grant in aid would be spent to stock up contributing sudden disaster medical supplies and personal hygience products for Daegu and Gyeong-buk area, and to prevention of the virus diffusion.

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게시일 : 2018년 2월 26일