Our precise and durable carbide cutting tools are just
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MSD Plus-S
• Mach Solid Drill Plus-S for hole making of inconel and titanium

• Specialized for heat-resistant alloys used in the aerospace, energy, power generation and automotive industries

• Specially prepared cutting edges and optimized blade design prevent chipping and sudden tool breakage

• Optimized tip flank design improves heat evacuation


MSD Plus-S


In recent years, the weight and efficiency of key components in the aerospace, power generation and energy industries have been improved, and the use of heat-resistant alloys, with light weight and high strength properties, has greatly increased.
Among the heat-resistant alloys, inconel and titanium alloys have characteristics of high temp high strength and low heat conductivity, which causes problems such as thermal shock, work hardening and vibrations due to high concentration of cutting heat during machining; and shorter tool life and lower productivity due to chipping and breakage.
To meet these challenges, KORLOY has developed the MSD Plus-S, specialized for inconel and titanium machining, designed to greatly improve machinability and tool life.


The MSD Plus-S prevents chipping and sudden breakage with notch-controlled cutting edges and special edge preparation. Wide chip pockets and the optimized tip flank design significantly improve chip- and heat evacuation. This boosts productivity with stable machining even in high temp cutting conditions.
The new grade PC325T features stable tool life with excellent heat resistance and oxidation resistance, its exceptional surface finish minimizes built-up edges while smooth chip flow reduces the cutting load at high temperature.


We assure our customers that the MSD Plus-S is the next-generation solution for hole making of components made of inconel & titanium in the aerospace, power generation and energy industries.


ㆍBlade design for low cutting load with specially prepared cutting edges
- Excellent chip control
- Improved machinability

ㆍNewly applied coating films
- Stable performance available even at extremely high temperatures
- Specially designed grade for hole making of heat-resistant alloys, with excellent resistance to wear and chipping at high temperatures

ㆍProblem-solving when machining Inconel
- Preventing chipping and tool breakage
- Maximizing machinability and tool life

ㆍLonger tool life
- Improved productivity and reduces tool costs

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