Our precise and durable carbide cutting tools are just
what you’ve wanted for an innovative tooling solution.
• Mach Solid Flat Drill for hole making on various surface types

• The best tool for ramped, curved or flat workpieces




• Surface finish
- High quality hole making capability with 180° point angle


• High quality performance
- Improved anti chipping and welding resistance by edge honing and chamfering. Minimized creation of burrs compared to general drills






When it comes to hole making on surfaces that are ramped, curved or flat, there have been frequent issues such as poor straightness, burr creation, short tool life and many other machining troubles. It is why there continues to be requests for solutions for such problems

The MSFD’s flat point shape enables high quality hole making on uneven workpiece surfaces. It additionally features stronger resistance to chipping and built up edge which provides longer tool life. Strengthened cutting edges through honing and chamfering were factored into its  development.

We assure our customers that the MSFD will boost productivity and save tool costs with multi functional machining availability.


ㆍExcellent tool life
- Reduces tool costs

ㆍHigher tool quality
- Enables high-class production

ㆍMulti functional machining
- For various hole types

ㆍHigher productivity
- Shortens cycle time

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