Our precise and durable carbide cutting tools are just
what you’ve wanted for an innovative tooling solution.
R+ Endmilll
• High Efficient Roughing Endmill Series

• Endmill for medium to rough cutting




• Higher machining efficiency
- Cost-effective cutting edge design for rough machining


• Lower cutting force
- Specifically designed corners as irregular flute spacing and lead angle




R+ Endmill


Optimizing a process with the correct tool selection will dramatically increase tool life, and subsequently reduce tooling, tool changes and your overall costs.


The latest in KORLOY geometric pitch and flute science has been captured in this very unique hightech design concept, and enhanced further using KORLOY's Patented film coatings.


What this all equates is simple: Uncompromising rougher performance across a wider material band assortment!


The R+ Endmill, utilizes both differential pitch and unequal helix formation to intrinsically dampen harmonics and nearly alleviate all excessive vibration. This is the part you see, though what makes this R+ Endmill so superb is the micro-structure of the compiled KORLOY brand substrates, the purest advanced powder blend available, with compound range expansion strategially sintered with the toughening agent of HSS.


The R+ Endmill: Smart, Highly Developed, & Cost Efficient through our principal design philosophies This latest edition in the KORLOY SC Family will enhance productivity & deliver satisfaction.


ㆍExcellent machining efficiency
- Special design for medium to rough cutting

ㆍLonger cutting life
- Extended tool cost thanks to newly applied grades

ㆍHigher cutting performance
- Blade design ideal for roughing

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