Our precise and durable carbide cutting tools are just
what you’ve wanted for an innovative tooling solution.
MP · LP Chip Breaker
• Turning insert for machining automobile components

• Complete turning solution to increase productivity at a wide range of cutting speed, feed and depth of cut.

• Universal chip control
- Increased productivity with stable chip control in various machining

• Stable tool life
- Reduced cutting force brings stable tool life at high speed and high feed


MP · LP Chip Breaker


The surface of forged steel that is commonly used for automobile parts is harder and tougher while the inside is soft. Bearing steel also has those characteristics of high toughness and hardness. Machining these kinds of steel repeatedly causes built-up edge on cutting edges and chipping off the edge, which is one of the main reasons of falling productivity and causing unstable tool life.
Mass production of automobile parts requires faster cutting speed and higher feed along with much longer tool life than before.


LP / MP Chip breakers have two step dots at the corner and bring measurable increase in productivity when machining forged steel at high speed(max. 350m/min) and high feed(max. 0.35mm/rev).


NC3215 / NC3225 are a new CVD coated grades for turning application of automobile components, made with forged steel and bearing steel. NC3225 is the first choice of an universal grade for machining forged parts while NC3215 is ideal for high speed and continuous machining. Coating, applied to these inserts, has been much improved than conventional ones with higher wear resistance and stability on cutting edges.


NC3215 / NC3225 in combination with LP / MP ensures a precise cutting action as well as maximum cutting efficiency when machining automobile components.


ㆍStable tool life
- More stable production

ㆍLonger tool life & higher removal rate
- Makes cutting condition higher, faster and shortens cutting time

ㆍGood balance of grade and chip breaker
- Longer tool life
- Wide range of application

ㆍApplicable to various automobile components with forged steel, bearing steel, etc.
- Flexible to change of workpiece materials

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