Our precise and durable carbide cutting tools are just
what you’ve wanted for an innovative tooling solution.
• Multi Functional Shoulder Milling Tool for Higher Productivity

• High quality
- True perpendicular shouldering operation

• Excellent productivity
- Strong thick insert and 3-face clamping for stable milling even in the toughest conditions

• Great value for money
- Long tool life achieves reduced tool costs due to optimized manufacturing process



In this industry, requirements such as reducing manufacturing cost and improving quality are constantly in demand. This means cutting tools for mold making would have to achieve both factors. Tools must achieve high productivity and quality in a variety of applications, notably in the mold making industry, in various applications: shouldering, facing, slotting, plunging, etc. If cutting tools should have to be replaced with every application, both productivity and cost efficiency would get worse. This led KORLOY to develop the RM3. A tool specifically engineered for true perpendicular shouldering, with multi-functional capabilities.


To use a single tool for various applications requires not only sharp cutting action but high rigidity and stable clamping. Poor cutting performance leads to excessive noise and burrs, and deteriorates both the perpendicularity and the surface finish. Low rigidity and unstable clamping cause vibration during operations leading to insert chipping or breakage, which shortens the tool life.


The RM3 solves all these problems and delivers higher machining stability and excellent results in quality. This 3 corner insert shouldering tool exhibits a proprietary insert design with high rake angle chip breakers & cutting edges for sharp cutting action and low cutting resistance.
It additionally features a holder rigidity 2 times stronger than the existing tools, which allows a stable machining even in the toughest cutting conditions. There were lots of actual test reports that the RM3 significantly improved our customers' cycle time thanks to its high rigidity and clamping system in operations such as shouldering, ramping, facing, slotting and plunging. Even in high feed milling applications, the RM3 showed no sign of tool failure.


The RM3 also takes advantage of the true perpendicularity that largely improves surface finish. A variety of grades are prepared for machining applications in steel, cast iron, hard-to-cut materials and more. RM3 markets itself as a versatile leading milling tool that meets demanding performance and capacity requirements.


ㆍOptimal shape for shouldering
- True perpendicularity after shouldering

ㆍNegative rake surface and wide bottom clamping area
- Stable machining even at Advantages high speed and high feed

ㆍHigh rake chip breaker & cutting edge
- Low cutting resistance for high speed and feed milling

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