Our precise and durable carbide cutting tools are just
what you’ve wanted for an innovative tooling solution.
LW · VW Chip Breaker
• For high feed cutting

• Improved productivity with higher feed rates and surface finishes

• Improved wear resistance and toughness

• LW Chip Breaker
- For shallow depth cutting and low speed machining: 3D design at the corner

• VW Chip Breaker
- 3 Dimensional dot design on cutting corner: reduces cutting force and good chip control at shallow depth of cut


LW · VW Chip Breaker


ㆍLW Chip Breaker
- Curvilinear cutting edge: reduces cutting force
- Cutting edge design able to handle deeper depth of cuts: lower cutting load & reduces heat
- Greater chip control at shallow depths of cuts: chip pocket design improves smooth chip flow

ㆍVW Chip Breaker
- Excellent Finishing applications: excellent chip control
- Insert design great for stable clamping: chip breaker designed close to the cutting edge
- Similar cutting edge to C/B for medium: strong cutting edge



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