Our precise and durable carbide cutting tools are just
what you’ve wanted for an innovative tooling solution.
Z Endmill
• Endmill series for general cutting

• Universal endmill for cutting various workpieces under HRC45

• Universal endmill for cutting carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, pre hardened steel, etc.
• New shape and coating improves performance and tool life
• Optimized blade design for less chipping and stable machining


Z Endmill


Generally, Operators have had to change tools when work material is changed. As a result, it was inevitable to stop production. Z Endmill can be used not only to carbon steel but also to stainless system materials, and from roughing to finishing, which leads to saving tool change time and increasing productivity.


Newly applied irregular flute spacing and ‘S’ shape curved edge decrease cutting loads. Special edge treatment was designed to prevent chipping problem and tool breakage.
New AℓCrN coating layer guarantees better coating lubrication and wear resistance.
When machining mild steel or sticky steel materials, you can see the best surface finish and longer tool life


Z Endmill contributes to increasing productivity and tool life up to 30% by machining various kinds of workpieces with just one tool.


ㆍNew grade(PC315E)
- Fine substrate and lubricative coating guarantee excellent performance at high speed and high temperature.

ㆍSpecial edge treatment
- Special cutting edge design was applied for less chipping and longer tool life

ㆍHigh accuracy with tolerance-h5
- High quality production system enables tolerance-h5 throughout the whole series.

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