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[Super Endmill] Launch of Super Endmill for HRSA machining


KORLOY INC. newly released Super Endmill which is specialized for machining HRSA. 


HRSA, a material with higher strength at high temperature and corrosion resistance than general alloy, is commonly used for aerospace engine and parts of generator turbine.

HRSA is divided into Ni based, Ni-Fe based, and Co based heat resistant alloy by elements and Ni based heat resistant alloy such as Inconel718,Hastelloy, Waspaloy and etc. is most generally used.


HRSA is a representative hard-to-cut materials causing short tool life due to chracteristics such as work hardening, low thermal conductivity and high-temperature strength. Low thermal conductivity prevents to increase cutting speed by keeping high temperature generated while machning at the edge. Fine hardness at high temperature and work hardening charaters also causes rapid wear, breakage, and severe damage on the edge of cutting tools. 


KORLOY launches Super Endmill, the most effective tool for hard-to-cut material in heat resistant alloy machining. 


In addition, Super Endmill ensures long tool life preventing fracture on cutting edge and increasing wear resistance in machining due to high toughness carbide substrate and excellent new coating layer with high temperature hardness and oxidation resistance.

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게시일 : 2018년 2월 26일