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KORLOY Partners Fair Events in MFG Magazine December, 2019 edition


As a speciality manufacturer of cemented carbide cutting tool, KORLOY has hosted 'KORLOY Partners Fair' which is KORLOY's Cup golf championship with meeting sessions to harden harmony of all the members.

At this 12th Annual event, "KORLOY Partners Fair 2019" friendly golf match has been successfully progressed in a number of places ; Incheon (5th October), Cheongju (28th October), Gimhae (4th November), Geyongsan (8th November)

At the after-party, there are meeting sessions discussing about current tendency of cutting tool market and hardships that dealers are facing so it was an opportunity to share KORLOY's vision to partners and build up close relationship for each other.


KORLOY's president Mr. Yim announced "KORLOY would focus on quality upgrade for products to fulfill customers' satisfaction and to grow together with partners", and the event has been finished successfully.

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